Product Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Price
Texas Instruments OPA360AIDCKR 3V, Video Amplifier with Low Pass Filter, Internal G=2 and SAG Correction in SC70 Request a Quote
Agilent Technologies Inc HPMX-2007-TR1 5 MHz - 4000 MHz RF/MICROWAVE UP CONVERTER Request a Quote
Philips BGF1901-10 Edge Power Module Request a Quote
NXP Semiconductors 1PS193 DIODE GEN PURP 80V 215MA SMT3 Request a Quote
Lite-On Semiconductor Corporation LTOP-4838 Diode Photodiode TSOP4838/LTOP4838 LITE ON Request a Quote
Vishay Intertechnologies 4N35GV <p> OPTOCOUPLER, TRANSISTOR, 5300VRMS, No. of Channels:1 Channel, Optocoupler Case Style:DIP, No. of Pins:6Pins, Forward Current If Max:60mA, Isolation Voltage:3.75kV, CTR Min:100%, Collector Emitter Voltage V(br)ceo:32V, Product Range:-RoHS <br></p> Request a Quote
Ricoh Electronic Devices Co Ltd R1114N251D <p>Fixed Positive LDO Regulator, 2.5V, 0.5V Dropout PDSO5<br></p> Request a Quote
Sony Batteries CXA2045Q <p> QFP-48 <br></p> Request a Quote
NEC Electronics Group UPB1510GV-E1 <p> 1510 SERIES, PRESCALER, PDSO8, 4.45 MM, PLASTIC, SSOP-8 <br></p> Request a Quote
Atmel AT97SC3203-XA4T10B05 <p> tssop-28 <br></p> Request a Quote